Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Ever Changing Aura

I've been helping some friends interpret their aura photos taken over the weekend and thought I would share mine. I started having aura photos taken almost two years ago.

My first one was on 7/29/2006 at The Grateful Heart in Wickford, RI. It's a great new age book store. At the time I knew nothing about aura photos and had gone into it with a friend.

There is A LOT of red in this photo. Red entering on my left is the Force of Will representing stop lights, warning lights and pushing limits. It represents living life to the fullest and doing things with fun ahead. The high red over my head is also a Force of Will and my urge to achieve results. It represents desire, excitability, domination and passion. Then I give it all back, although it gets a bit muddied on the way out which represents overstimulation, inflammation and imbalance. At that point in my life, I was overwhelmed and off kilter because of a relationship among two other friends.

Picture #2 was taken in August 2006 at a local shop called Taproot in West Boylston, MA.

Lots of yellow and orange in this one. Coming in the energy is cheerful and giving in that yellow tinged with green (hard to see in the scan), but represented an awareness that my ideas and interpretations would be changing and growing. The yellow over my head represented the joy and happiness that I was finding with my new growth, and the curiosity & hunger for new ideas. The orange coming out of my right side shows the world that I am creative and artistic. That people around me see me as an upbeat, happy, capable and creative person.

What is interesting about this photos is I asked my spirit guide to sit with me. Something that when I had my first photo taken, I didn't know to do. The swishing marks you see on my right show a very playful spirit guide who did not want to sit still for a photo. It also may have had to do with the energy in the shop that day, there was definitely a vibration going on that I had to force myself to ground myself from.

Picture #3 was also taken at The Grateful Heart, this one on November 4, 2006.

This one is an interesting mix of the two previous, lots of Force of Will coming in and represented in the now of that moment, but being turned out in a creative and artistic way.

But what was fascinating was the violet "spot" on my left shoulder. About a month before I had this picture taken my friend Kim performed reiki on me. After she finished she sat very quietly at my side while I roused. She had a look on her face and I asked what was up. She then asked me, "I have something to share that came to me while working on you. Do you want to hear it?" I said sure. She said over and over while she was working on me that the presence of two spirit guides came to her telling her that they were named Hal & Don. She asked me if that meant anything to me and at the time it didn't. About a week and a half later I found myself feeling very tired in the afternoon. I had some time before J would be out of school, so I lay down to rest. I fell immediately to sleep, which is not like me at all. In my dream Hal & Don came to me, but not in a way that I had expected. Hal said that Kim had gotten the name wrong and that it was Val, as in my late aunt Val-Val and that Don was her husband Gordon (hence the -don) who had come with her to check on me. She told me that everything was okay and that she was so pleased that J was born on her birthday like Nana had said he would be (Nana had predicted that J would be born on Val's birthday--Val was her oldest child, Mum's older sister--who died at age 57, when I was 19). She also told me that Nana & Grandad were with me but Nana had "assigned" Val to me. I woke up in a complete sweat and very shaken. I immediately called Kim and stuttered into the phone, about the dream. Kim said very simply, "I had a feeling, but couldn't get a clearer picture." I had a real hard time wrapping my brain around this information. So when I sat for this photo, I invited my spirit guide(s) to sit with me. Specifically I addressed my aunt. I said that if my spirit guide was my Aunt Val-Val, to please sit on my left shoulder. The moment I saw the developed photo I started crying. After I calmed down I explained to the owner what had shaken me and she said that she was glad that I had received such a wonderful visit from someone so special. Once I got into my car, I called Kim and again, she was not surprised at all.

Picture #4 was taken at The Grateful Heart on May 13, 2007--Mother's Day.

Again I have a lot of orange and red in this photo with a tinge of violet high over the left side of my head. Guess my spirit guide, whoever it was that day, wasn't interested in being in the photo. But there was a lot of green healing energy coming out of me that day. It is an expression of firmness, constancy and resistance to change (most definitely me), sort of an elastic tension. Possession is regarding as increasing both security and self esteem. This vibration represents the willingness to work to gain wealth in terms of education and cultural attainments. Because it was not a large amount of green energy, it represented some self-doubt that I was going through at that time.

Picture #5 is my favorite. It was taken at The Grateful Heart on June 9, 2007 with my mother, Hilary sitting on my right knee.

Again, before sitting I asked my spirit guides, especially Val-Val to join us. The violet area over the left side of my lap was HUGE compared to previous photos. It was my aunt sitting for a photo with her sister and this is one of the highest vibrational frequency that can be distributed to a person on this earth. The energy above us is a force of will that turned to creativity and having fun.
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