Friday, October 28, 2005

Gratitudes for Friday 10/28/2005

part of my daily blog entry will be gratitudes. Feel free to add your own in the comment section.

Today I am grateful for:

- J's fever finally breaking in the middle of the night
- Mum bringing me a loaf of warm bread from the market to have sliced & buttered with my tea
- Steven for telling me we are stronger than we've ever been in the face of a huge marital breakup of friends of ours
- SIL & BIL's best friends, Jules and Michael who are getting married tonight
- Sudoku puzzles that help me wind my day down and I'm convinced help me fall asleep better
- That no one was hurt when a sinkhole opened up on a street near us

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Stephanie said...

I'm grateful today that Kevin had a day off from work and we spent it doing wonderful things together.

Even though I've had horrible insomnia for the last three nights and have had about seven hours of sleep, I'm still able to function today.

My SIL emailed me some pictures of my nephews and niece and I was dying to get them.

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