Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just Plugging Along

Lots of stuff going on lately. Trying to get caught up--still--from vacation. Steve is under my gun to finish editing photos. Really, I promise they will get posted here before J graduates college! I think I finally got all the laundry put away from vacation. Oy vey, my boys go through clothes worse than any girl I know.

Karate. J passed his Orange Minor Stripe belt test on Monday. I am testing for my Orange belt this coming Saturday. If I wasn't nervous enough, I found out in class the other night that I have to break a board--with my hand--holy crap Batman! I'm trying to be very Zen about it. I've been sitting with my Ipod listening to the Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack and meditating, picturing myself breaking the board. No problem!

J also finally got elevated from being an Eel to a Stingray for swim lessons. He's been an Eel for ages. But the time spent swimming in the pool and ocean on vacation really paid off and his endurance is there to elevate him. He's very proud of that.

What else? My rubber stamping class for the town's continuing education department never got more than 1 registration, so that was a bust for this time around. We're going to try again later in the spring and I have been brainstorming how to promote the program more. But my Stampin' Up! business has been going really well and there is the potential for this to be my best quarter ever!

In general, tides are turning and shifting for the better as far as life in Casa Owen. It just seems like things are much brighter and a tad easier. Guess the addage, "Everything happens for a reason," is really true and what doesn't kill you definitely makes you stronger.

I'm just plugging along and very happy about that! Peace out.


{Amanda} said...

i'm glad things are good. . .and you'll break that board. . i'm sure of it :)

KKT said...

good luck!!!

i'm sorry your class didn't get more registrations, but it sounds like things are going well despite that!

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