Sunday, May 14, 2006

Five Things

I've seen this on several blogs and it looked fun:

5 things:

In my fridge
1. Mum's mince beef to have for lunch tomorrow
2. Simply Smart Milk
3. Stop & Shop yogurt
4. Beer, most of which is Steve's, 2 bottles are for me to have shandy's
5. Leftovers that really need to be quarantined

In my closet (office)
1. Secret stash of NASCAR little cars for J
2. Several antique View-Master viewers
3. Two Spirograph sets that I won off Ebay
4. Tote bags & purses (too many to admit to)
5. My mumm's antique Singer sewing machine that I will use to make my quilt

In my purse
1. Sudoku book
2. Wallet
3. My life, I mean my iPaq
4. My Ipod (what is with my I-gadgets man?)
5. Epinephrine pen in case I am stung by a bee

In my car
1. Ipod adapter
2. Pack of tissues
3. Pump bottle of hand sanitizer
4. Two afghans
5. An emergency hammer

On my TiVo
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. E/R
3. General Hospital
4. Top Chef
5. Tonight's series finale of The West Wing (that I cried through the whole hour)

Off to the land of Nod now. Happy Mothers Day (well, for the next 24 minutes anyway) to all the Mothers in my life.

Peace out.

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