Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday Musings

  • School is almost out.
  • The once sunny day is clouding up.
  • I'm getting through all the laundry.
  • I saw an awesome picture of Brad Pitt today.
  • Tomorrow night I'm going to the movies with my friend Trish to see X-Men 3 (again).
  • We saw Cars at the movies yesterday (go see it!).
  • We had a wonderful rib dinner at a friend's house last night with ice cream sandwiches for dessert.
  • Another week and I'll be back at my karate classes.
  • Sudoku rules!
  • Five album covers at Goldstamp to be embossed.
  • Bottles of Prima flowers lined up on my shelves make me happy.


KKT said...

i love sudoku!!

i can't wait to see x-men... i'll probably wait for the dvd though because none of my friends share my taste for these kind of movies.

Suzanne said...

School's been out here for 2 weeks. We had a storm today. My dh did the laundry yesterday. I really liked X-Men 3, and loved Cars! I had cake for dinner last night and tonight. :) I love Sudoku. Prima Flowers make me happy, too :)

I enjoyed reading your blog!

kathy said...


Happy Monday night to you!

Primas make me smile too!

hmmm. i saw a photo of brad pitt recently...and let me just say...i wish i hadn't looked!! oh my!!

: )


karen said...

Sudoku DOES RULE! You're right! I love your list. It makes me smile!

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