Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rest In Peace Merv

Merv Griffin
July 6, 1925 - August 12, 2007

When I was a little girl, the first house we lived in was a Cape-style house. What was supposed to be a dining room was my playroom until I was old enough to have a playroom in the finished basement. The living room, like the dining room, was in the front of the house to the left of the stairway, the dining room to the right. Mum would have the television on throughout the day, but for the most part, I wasn't allowed to watch anything but the occasional cartoon. But when the theme music for The Merv Griffin Show would begin, I would shout, "Merv! Merv!" This was Mum's cue to turn the television towards the dining/playroom so that I could sit and watch this wonderful, entertaining show.

Today I was saddened to see that Mr. Griffin passed away from prostate cancer. The first thing I did was call Mum, who agreed with me that it was ever so sad.

Rest in Peace Merv

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