Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Music

I always love hearing Christmas music. At least I thought that I did until today. This morning I got in my car to take my finished quilt top over to the local quilt shop and turned on the radio like I always do. There are at least three stations in my pre-programmed twenty channels that are playing Christmas music full time and have been since at least November 12th. Two of the stations made all the local news broadcasts around that time about how they started the Christmas music broadcasts earlier than in previous years. I've even activated all the Christmas music in my ITunes to play on my Ipod. As I sat driving over to Grafton this morning I realized, "I am sick of Christmas music. Even the Vince Guaraldi Trio's 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'." These thoughts left me feeling like Scrooge. How could I be sick of Christmas music with ten days to go before Christmas? How is this possible? Glumly I decided that it must have been listening to the music so early before Thanksgiving.

While I realize it's a little over two weeks away, I am making a New Years' resolution. In 2008, I will not listen to any Christmas music prior to Thanksgiving. And if necessary, I'll change my car radio pre-sets to something else like Talk Radio or a Sports Talk Radio, so I'm not tempted by the sound of sleigh bells too early!

Merry Christmas.


Kathy said...

Good plan! No christmas tunes until December!

It's beginning to look ALOT like Christmas....

: ) Kathy

Neila said...

I absolutely love Christmas music and am always excited when my local stations go to All Christmas, but I agree with you ~ NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC BEFORE THANKSGIVING! I'm not surprised though. Stores are starting to put Christmas things in as early as July. I noticed this year that Halloween wasn't even over and the stores were already putting up Christmas decorations. Pretty soon we'll have Christmas all year.

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