Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bono Here I Come!!!!!!

OH-MA-GAWD! I'm going to U2 on Sunday. We had only one General Admission ticket for the show. Originally this year I was supposed to see them in May with Steven, but then I got really sick and couldn't go. So instead of 1 spare ticket, we had 2 for that show. He swapped them for our October tickets. Somehow he ended up with a single ticket for the upcoming show and he even offered to let me go on my own. My problem is I have panic attacks in crowds of people. If Steven is with me, then I can reach over for him or have him talk me down. The thought of a concert by myself is an impossibility right now. So I said, "No dear. You go. I'll stay home." Well gosh darn it all if our friend Paul didn't discover he had a spare general admission ticket for the same show! So about 72 hours from now I'll be standing on the floor of the Bank North Garden being showered with red and silver confetti as the first few notes of "City of Blinding Lights" whips the crowd into a frenzy. And this time, I'm bringing my camera!!!!!


Stephanie said...

Now Paul just needs to check and see if he has one MORE ticket for your ol' pal, Stephanie. :)

Hee hee...have fun, Jenn, you lucky dog, you!!

Anonymous said...

It is great to read about how excited you were to go to the show last night!!! I am glad you had so much fun!!

: )


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