Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tristan & Isolde

I've always had a fascination with the Arthurian Legends. So much so that I took a literature course in college all about it. I've got several books on my shelf that I have not touched in years. Now there is a movie coming out, Tristan & Isolde. It was probably one of my favorite legends when I studied it in school. Yes, I am a girl and yes, I am a hopeless romantic! Despite that, I'm not a huge chick flick kinda gal. I almost never seek them out in the movie theatres, but might catch them on HBO or occasionally pay-per-view. But this one I think I will go to the movies to see. Something to look forward to!


Volvomom said...

Oh, I love those, too! Hopefully the movie won't be too syrupy!!!

My wedding dress was kind of medieval looking. I loved it!

{Amanda} said...

i wanna see this one!! john's not too excited ROFL

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