Friday, July 27, 2007

Not Necessarily New, But Definitely Improved--IMO

It was time for a change of pace. I did the red streaks back in April and what's left was looking rather sad & pathetic. So here I sit with Atomic Turquoise streaks/swaths (I say swaths because there was lot of grey to cover up in the front). I emailed Steve a picture and then called him to see if he had read the email yet, but he's not at his desk--the nerve!

Tried to get Jonathan to take a picture of my new do, but he get taking a close up of my face only. So I had to do the self-portrait in the mirror trick. I think this weekend I'll have Steve do some real pictures of me.


Neila said...

WOW!! I'm impressed...and I do like that atomic turquoise! Now...if I could only get up the nerve to get that tattoo I want! (Almost did it in Montreal...)

Kathy said...

How COOL are you?! : )

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