Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's All In How You Look At Life

A few years ago I never would have posted what I am about to post. Instead, I've changed how I approach the way I look at life.

For instance, a few years back this is how I would look at things:

  • These last few months we've been trying to get Steve's thyroid nodule diagnosed. It is cancer and he has to have surgery to remove at least part, if not all of his thyroid and the tumor.
  • My friend Cheryl had cancer throughout her body and died this week. She left two young daughters.
  • My mother-in-law's psycho secretary quit this week and I was thrown back into working in an industry I haven't worked in for over 17 years.
Now, I look at my life and this is how I see things:

  • Steve has a very treatable form of cancer and it's the only one not treated by an oncologist, but an endocrinologist.
  • Cheryl is free from pain and weakness now. She can watch over her beautiful girls wherever they go.
  • My mother-in-law felt that I had the skill set to get the job done. And I did. I amazed even myself with what I remembered about the job.
It's all in how you look at life. That's the secret to getting you through it.

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