Friday, September 26, 2008

My First Camera

We were talking about cameras tonight and J's little digital camera. He's 8 years old, which was how I was when I got my first camera. It was a Kodak Instamatic X-15F.

I loved that little camera. It utilized Kodak's then new Flipflash technology. More often than not the flash wouldn't fire and that was always frustrating. Somewhere I've got very exciting pictures of our cat Ling-Ling sitting in a window, my mum & dad sitting in very stiff poses dressed in 70s finest fashions, or very low resolution shots of the front of Nana & Grandad's house. Perhaps I'll get Steve to scan some of those shots and share them in another entry. I loved that little camera and would save my allowance to buy the 126 film, a flipflash and then be able to pay for the photo processing.

That little camera has been gone for years. I would love to find one to put on display next to my antique Kodak that I found last summer in an antique shop. Maybe I'll go check out Ebay.....

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Kathy said...

Hey!!! I hope you find a camera just like that one for your office!!! : )

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