Friday, November 04, 2005

Borders Books

We have a Borders bookstore just a five minute drive up the road. That is just a dangerous thing, especially when you've got a 20% off coupon. I stopped in yesterday to pick up the Better Homes & Garden Photography magazine that I had seen the other day when I had no cash on me. Then I started wandering the cookbook section. That's always a dangerous thing for me. Someday when I have a big kitchen with a built-in bookcase for cookbooks, all of my cookbooks can be in one place. One of my favorite cookbook authors is Paula Deen. I love watching her shows on the Food Network. So yesterday a copy of The Lady & Sons, Too! had to come home with me. I've got a copy of her first one, The Lady & Sons and use it all the time. What I love about her recipes is none of them are overly complicated like a Martha Stewart recipe can be, there aren't a ton of exotic ingredients either and the end results always look magnificent and earn rave reviews. She's got a magazine coming out this month and I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on it, I may even have to get a subscription.


{Amanda} said...

sigh. .i love bookstores :) :)

Karen said...

Bookstores are dangerous for me, too. Enjoy your new cookbook!

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