Monday, January 02, 2006

Rest In Peace Velly

Mercedes E. 1925-2005

This lovely lady was my brother-in-law, Pablo's grandmother. Pablo's family came from Argentina and while she could speak some English, Velly was never comfortable speaking it. Velly is actually pronounced "Welly" short for abuela, the Spanish word for grandmother. Apparently when Pablo was little, he couldn't manage the word abuela and it came out Velly. The name stuck.

I first met his grandmother at my sister-in-law's bridal shower at a SoHo restaurant a month before their wedding. In came this sweet smiling lady, she took my face in both her hands and told me in broken English how I am the mother of a beautiful little boy whom her grandson adores, how I made Pablo & Sue a beautiful family album and how lovely I was. This was particularly poignant to me as my own grandmother, Nana had passed away 3 weeks earlier. So I stood there with tears in my eyes as this woman I never met before welcomed me to be a part of her family when Sue & Pablo got married. She insisted that we call her Velly "like the rest of my grandchildren." Who was I to argue with her?

After that I only saw her a couple of times, at Sue & Pablo's wedding weekend and at Sue's baby shower, where I took this photo of dear Velly. My Spanish is rudimentary at best, but I would try my hardest to converse with her in her native tongue. Thankfully she was a forgiving woman when I mangled her language.

Pablo & Sue were on their way to Long Island on New Years Eve with baby Sophia, and their friends when they decided to stop by her apartment to check on her. When she didn't answer the door, Pablo's friend went in first. He was like a grandson to her and had a feeling that Pablo would be finding her. He covered her up and then told my dear brother-in-law. As you can imagine Pablo's heart is broken. He and Velly were very close and when she was ill a year and a half ago he made all of her important decisions for her care.

Vaya con Dios Velly. Es sido encantador instruido usted.


Karen said...

What a beautiful tribute and photo. I'm sorry you lost her. She seems very special.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenn. hugs to you and your family.

What an elegant lady. Very sorry for your loss.


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