Thursday, January 05, 2006

Confessions of a Media Junkie

I am a self-confessed media junkie. I love TV, music, movies, magazines and books.

My Tivo gets a daily workout that puts my husband's Tivo to shame. And yes, His and Her Tivo's create marital harmony that knows few bounds!

It's not often that I get out to the movies, I think in 2005 I only saw 4 movies in the movie theatre, which is up from the 2 I had seen in 2004. Thank goodness Directv offers pay-per-view. I can just rent it, watch it when I want and not have to worry about getting it back to the video store. The only video store around here is Satan's Playground, um I mean Blockbuster. I have loathed them for years since they are owned but an ultra-right-wing conservative Christian organization. Don't get me wrong, I am probably more right than left-winged, but The Man has no right to make my viewing decisions in what versions of videos I can rent. If I want to rent an unrated, director's cut that is my decision, not that of some holier than thou nutter.

Magazines, I am a sucker for a good scrapbooking magazine. If I'm in line at the supermarket and see a women's magazine touting organizational helps & hints, inevitably it ends up in my cart. I've got a basket down by the side of my chair in the living room full of magazines (and catalogs) that I've yet to pour through. I think a few of them will have to go in my suitcase on vacation with me.

And what can I say about books. I have had a love affair with reading all my life. My two bookshelves in my office are chock-a-block full of books, most of which have been read, some of which haven't. The other night as I sorted out scrapbooking supplies I cleared enough space in front of one of my shelves that I sat down on the floor and had a sort out of books. I have about 15 unread books beckoning me to choose them next. Again, a couple of those will end up in my suitcase for vacation. And let's not even go down the cookbook road. Two shelves bursting with various types of cookbooks. I really ought to, you know, cook with them.

Finally, music. How did I ever survive before I got my iPod Video? I only got it for Christmas, but I have used it so much. It's wonderful. I can listen to virtually anything I want in the car now. I'm not limited to my CD wallet or the pitiful FM offerings. If I want to listen to Sheila E one minute and the Andrews Sisters the next, there is no stopping me. While I'm sitting in J's karate class, I can watch a U2 video or show my hairdresser pictures of our sweet little niece at Christmas.

My name is Jenn and I am a Media Junkie. Thank goodness!


Karen said...

Me too! I concur! Bring on the media, I say!

Volvomom said...

I'm such a media idiot. I'm still trying to figure out my Ipod!!!

Yeah, and what is with Satan's Playground? They freak me out. Their parent company also owns theatres, and when the X-Files movie came out they refused to show it, because it promoted the belief that we came from aliens. Huh? I just thought David Duchovny was cute!

Stephanie said...

Ooh, I'd love me one of them there ipods. :)

I'm a media junkie kinda gal, too. Books, movies, DVD's, CD's--bring 'em on, I say!!

{Amanda} said...

this is SO me. . seriously!!! i love it ALL

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