Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Twenty Years Ago

Twenty years ago today Steven & I went on our first date. It wasn't planned as such, but it ended up being that. In Worcester on Friday nights, there used to be a thing called Friday Night Cruisin'. It's where local hot rod enthusiasts could get together and show off their cars. It was a cheap night out. A bunch of us went, Keith, Di, little Kevin (driving his Mustang convertible), Steve & myself. Keith & Di ditched us to go say good-bye to a friend who was leaving for the summer. Steve, Kev & I decided to go to the movies and see Dragnet--the Tom Hanks/Dan Ackroyd version. After seeing a late show, we ended up at Harry's diner in Westboro for shakes & mozzarella sticks. Mmm..... By then though, I was flat broke and Steve paid for my snacks. He & I had driven around together all night and there was that spark that was the beginning of love. The next morning, we headed to the Cape to see my grandparents and aunt. Upon our return on Sunday, Steve called me to see if I wanted to go to the Beach Boys concert at the then named Great Woods, down in Mansfield, the next night. I was over the moon. And here we are twenty years later, married for fifteen of those years, more in love than every. Life is good.

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