Monday, June 04, 2007

My Baby Really Isn't A Baby Anymore

J technically does not turn 7 until 2:34PM today, but my baby is 7 years old today. I'm having a hard time with 7. I think it's because 7 years ago I had put the final touches on the Winnie-the-Pooh nursery. I had carefully collected all the Classic Pooh characters. In the last few days before his arrival, I had managed to find Kanga & Owl. It was a lovely feeling to have all those "friends" to look over my sweet baby. We transitioned the room a little bit a few years ago to Thomas the Tank Engine curtains and comforter, along with ALL the Thomas toys known to mankind. Now the train table and Thomas toy box are gone. The Pooh characters are all packed up in a box downstairs to someday be passed along to a grandson or granddaughter. The space theme border is sitting in my office ready to cover up the Pooh border and the fabric I bought from my quilt lady is ready to be turned into curtains.

He's so grown up to me, even with the missing front teeth. He reads, he's really good at math (thank goodness he inherited that from Steven), he is passionate about Pokemon, he holds a blue belt in karate and he's just a funny, funny kid.

Seven years ago I was not a mummy yet. Now I am mummy to a wonderful boy.

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Anonymous said...

HEY!!! you are blogging again!

Happy Belated birthday to Mr J!!!

: ) Kathy

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